This is the Whole Hoof

What we do

The Whole Hoof is a small company with a big heart, aiming to become the UK’s leading premium ethical and natural equine care company. 

Only the very best will do. 


Product No. 1 MISTDFLY – “TaDa”  !

The Whole Hoof’s all natural equine fly repellent – STOPS pesky flying insects of all descriptions be they the savage stable fly or the ‘average joe’, mozzie or mighty midge! (ssshhh….also has added benefits of having a cooling effect and improving coat health too…even better MISTDFLY’s active is powered by nature and is a natural alternative to DEET and other harsh chemicals and is scientifically proven to be just as effective –



HANG TIGHT:  we have other super-dooper products being worked on in TWH HQ’s Kitchen so keep posted for what’s coming next!


Ethical Company

We try our very best to source all of our products from only the best and most ethical sources we can.  

Take a look at our MISTDFLY PROCESS to find out a bit more about the product and how it is made.   Entirely free from DEET and other nasties and sourced from specially grown and selected trees.  Really importantly, they are not genetically modified and no synthetic fertilisers or pesticides are used.   

We are VERY proud indeed to have been awarded The Ethical Award from The Ethical Companies Organisation.  We are a great believer in what they stand for and are extremely proud to be accredited with their stamp of approval.  

You can also find us in The Good Shopping Guide here. 


Tested on humans

All of our products are made with ingredients or materials that are the very best available. They are suitable for and tested on humans! 

TWH – Tested on Humans with ❤️

Give a little 

We at The Whole Hoof love our equine friends so much that we have done what we can to get rid of the pesky flies that harass them in summer months as one way of saying thank you for all the love they give us.  But what about the poor ponies and horses without someone to look after them in the same way….we have designed The Whole Hoof’s special edition “Spread the Love” 100% pure organic cotton T-Shirt with them in mind.  We hope that you will purchase one to help spread the love.  All profits will go directly to equine charities to help those ponies in need.  Help us spread the love by wearing, caring and sharing. Thank you for your support!  



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