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Government ADVICE for human use OF INSECT REPELLENTS:


“Only insect repellents which contain one of the three active ingredients: DEET, Picaridin (20%) and lemon eucalyptus extract or PMD * are recommended.”

 * PMD – MISTDFLY’s Potent Magical Difference from the Lemon Eucalyptus Tree

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As we said…

…if it’s not good enough for humans…!



Efficacy and duration:

In studies, PMD has been proven to give superior repellency to DEET against (for example) Anopheles Darlingi. Unlike most other natural materials, the length of time PMD remains effective increases as the concentration of PMD increases. Since The Whole Hoof’s MISTDFLY™ benefits from the highest level of PMD on the equine market today (and is probably the only equine insect repellent to use the highest grade human version of Citrepel™ (Citrepel75©) and certainly at this level) its repellency will last longer than any other similar product on the shelves.

Up to 6 times or more STRONGER,  LASTS up to 6 times or more LONGER!


(That said, we were a little...(actually..a LOT!)..disappointed not to be able to bring you our even stronger blend which we originally created and tested on humans hoping to bring to the equine market as it was super, super special and extremely effective.  Even though it is perfectly safe to use, the current UK/EU regulations just wouldn't allow it to hit the shelves. We now bring you this in the form of @MistDfly = The Spray for Riders!@ Next year watch this space for ANOTHER original COMING VERY SOON!



A growing body of independent research material demonstrates the efficacy of ‘P-Menthane 3-8-diol’.

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  • MISTDFLY has the highest percentage of PMD on the market and is the ONLY & ORIGINAL product to be granted the HSE SEAL OF APPROVAL at this MAXIMUM STRENGTH.  


  • MISTDFLY is UP TO x6 OR MORE STRONGER than any other on the saddlery shelves. 


  • MISTDFLY is HSE approved!



Summary – PMD

  • Potent Magical Difference
  • of natural origin – no chemical nasties
  • one of only three actives recommeded by the Government….(p.s..the other two are ‘not so nice’ chemicals…!)

Scientifically proven


GOOD for the planet


goes The Whole Hoof!