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All Natural Repellent


MISTDFLY is the UK’s No.1 natural equine fly repellent – extra strength, extra oomph!  

The Whole Hoof’s all natural equine fly repellent helps stop the constant pestering of pesky horse flies and other flying insects, happily also having a cooling effect and improving coat health!  Thanks to mother nature ‘MISTDFLY’ contains one of nature’s most effective insect repellents as backed by scientific studies


(check out The Scientific Bit here )

and can be used as a natural alternative to DEET and other harsh chemicals.  


Our Process

Use MISTDFLY to mist-D-fly and ‘Defy the Fly’!







Buy our special edition ‘Spread the Love’  T-Shirt and spread THE WHOLE HOOF love.

100% organic natural cotton, Soil Association approved and 100% of the profits go directly to equine charities to help those ponies and horses in need.  Help us spread the love by wearing, caring and sharing. Thank you for your support!

For ponies and horses less well off than mine.  Let’s give them some love and a shout out!❤️