The Spray – the UK’s No.1 FLY REPELLENT for Riders – 80 ml


  • All Natural Fly Repellent – Rider’s size
  • With over double and in most cases six or more times as much active as other ‘natural’ products on the shelves, MISTDFLY for Riders aka ’THE SPRAY’ is the strongest and most powerful natural equine fly spray available. Mini size for horses and their riders too.
  • The Original and most potent natural equine fly and insect repellent on the market.
  • 100% of natural origin, ethically and sustainably sourced and made with love and The Whole Hoof stamp of approval in the UK. Small batches, lots of love.

80ml – made for Riders with ❤️


(psst…in a recycled and recyclable bottle…for now…we’re working on finding something even better!)


The Original & No.1 Fly Spray for RIDERS!

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Active Ingredient: Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus (6%)

80 ml | 2.7 fl oz